External monitor (VGA output) on my Dell 700m with Ubuntu

I can’t recall if I already posted this, but I did manage to get the VGA output working in order to use a external monitor or projector for my Dell 700m on Ubuntu. For this laptop the Fn-F8 key doesn’t work for whatever reason. Probably some BIOS or motherboard firmware problem that requires a driver […]

Domain DNS

I just tried to setup DomainDNS for the Naymz.com DNS and found out after a number of headaches that this service is completely dead. There 7 lookup servers aren’t contactable on port 53. So, in case anyone is wondering, http://domaindns.com (http://dd.net) is completely worthless.

Setting a root password in Ubuntu

This is a response to a comment about Ubuntu that is on this blog entry. The person was having trouble setting a root password. This is really simple, but not really needed for almost everything since Ubuntu gives your user sudo privileges, which allow you to do anything root can. You simple prefix the command […]