Fedora Core 5 on my Dell 700m

I’ve been trying FC5 on my laptop to see if it fixes any of the software and libraries that were keeping me from running the latest stuff on Ubuntu. I found that it does fix a lot of libraries and also fixes the Intel 855 video driver issue that I was having and now my […]

MTS06 – LINQ and C#

LINQ is a query language built into C#. For C# 3.0 Microsoft has added a large number of keywords into the language that allow a developer to query into objects in a SQL fashion. This can also be used to select from a database when the Object being queried is a DB mapping object. Like […]

MTS06 – Don Box

If you don’t know Don Box or have ever been in a room with him I can only think of a few ways to describe: – Don Box is the eloquent mad genius of Microsoft – Don Box has a permenantly attached 150 gallon kool-aid container attached to his back, which is dispense via two […]

MTS06 – How fast is google

I’m a geek but I’m wondering how quickly google will pick up the tags for MTS2006 in its searches. I’m not sure how well google will index into my blog, but we’ll see. If you see this post on google, add a comment and we’ll see how fast google is. Addition April 14th, 2006: Well, […]

MTS06 – Jim's slip?

I’m blogging today from the MTS2006 (Microsoft Technology Summit 2006). This year we have internet in the room, so hopefully I’ll be able to send out updates quickly rather than spatting out information in the evenings after a couple of drinks. Anyways, Jim Hugunin is back this year talking about IronPython 1.0, which is close […]

ActiveRecord trick

Just ran into something and wanted to jot it down to remember it. ActiveRecord objects have two different methods of accessing their associated data: @foo and foo. The former references the container for the data and the latter references the accessor method. There is a subtle but monsterous difference between these two. Unlike Hibernate which […]